Helping Our Clients Navigate Their Financial Voyage.

We are an independent financial team who cares to simplify your investing plans.

Simplicity: Preparing financial plans simply and completely understandable
Caring: We care about your financial security. We are geared to meeting your goals.
Teamwork: Your planning is more effective with our extensive legal, tax and expert advisors.
Independence: Broad spectrum of independent mutual funds, bonds, stocks & insurance products.

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Why Us
Our Approach
Our Investment Philosophy
  • Harbour Financial Group TeamOur team has many years of experience in providing financial services. We believe the purpose of financial planning is to create an effective balance of today's needs as well as long term goals.

    Our advisors strive to keep you fully informed, and will work with you to increase your knowledge of investments.

    Our work is specifically tailored to each client's cash flow and financial and philosophical needs. Our objective is to enhance your life by helping you achieve your dreams.

  • We believe the purpose of financial planning is to create an effective balance of today's needs as well as long term goals. We meet you to clarify your current situation. We collect and analyze all relevant financial data - assets, insurance policies, wills and benefit plans.

    We work with you to identify and define your financial and personal goals. Identify financial road blocks and develop a written financial plan to address your needs and goals.

  • We use a disciplined, long-term approach to financial management, enabling us to assist you in managing your financial portfolio in an objective and predetermined manner. Three simple principles are the bases of our investment strategies: 1. Safety, 2. Liquidity, and 3. Flexibility.

    1. Safety of your portfolio is one of our prime objectives. To minimize risk, we diversify your investments so as not to put all of your eggs into one basket.

    2. Liquidity means that a percentage of your portfolio is investments that may be turned into cash immediately should the need arise.

    3. Flexibility allows you to move your money into the right place at the right time.

    We consider hundreds of investments on your behalf and carefully select those that meet your financial objectives. We believe in a buy and hold, but not a buy and forget philosophy.

What We Do...

Keith BookbinderKeith J. Bookbinder, founder and CEO of Harbour Financial Group, Inc. has been providing personalized in-depth financial planning and investment advisory services since 1981.

Some of the many services provided:

• Retirement Planning
  (forecasting benefits, costs and plan option analysis)

• Income Tax Planning

• Estate Planning

• Insurance Needs Analysis
  (life, long term care, health and disability)

• Analysis of Debt and Investment Portfolios

• Cash Flow/Budgeting Analysis

• Employee Benefits Analysis

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